Tuesday, 23 April 2024

Online Survey Tool

Survey plays a major role in all businesses to analyze and project the factual information. To think about what’s next we should know the fact about our present. Aboutacompany provides you simple and smart survey creation tool to record and analyze the facts.

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Record Your Audience Mind, Don't Collect Just Data

Smart Survey Features

Quick question creation
Aboutacompany provides simple and easy to create questions instantly. You can choose globally recognized question based on the survey category from our database. You don’t have to think while creating questionnaire, instead we researched and created more flexible options for you.
Smart page logic
It is not good to create multiple questions on one page and dump the user to answer all the questions at a time. Aboutacompany offers smart logic to split the pages and categories your question to make the user more comfortable and give some space to make the users think while answering.
Custom branding
Present your survey to your audience with your logo, disclaimer and customize for your brand colours. Aboutacompany provides plenty of options to customize the look and feel of your survey to project your brand while getting responses from the targeted audience.
Irrelevant response will not help to take decisions. We offer you smart validation rules while to filter irrelevant responses from your targeted audience. Produce the report more meaningful than generating the report without any sensible data. In all situations Aboutacompany makes you to collect sensible and factual data.
Rich user interface
Aboutacompany provides rich user interface to collect responses from your audience. Whatever device your audience are used too, it doesn't a matter to worry, our survey will detect it smartly and present your survey in a feasible manner.
Collect responses
You don’t have to go the usual approach, Aboutacompany provides you different ways to collect responses from your targeted audience. We provide links, website popups, website widgets and more options to collect responses.
Multi-way of analysis
Results can be viewed in different ways like charts, tables, graphs, ratings etc., to analyze the responses given by your targeted audience.
Secured data transfer
SSL Certificates are included to collect responses in a secured way from your targeted audience.
Fact projection
New improvements can be identified only based on the reports of the past and from the feedback we get. We don’t call it as a report we say it’s a Fact projection. Aboutacompany provides flexible options to add charts, graphs and tables to project your data more sensible and user friendly way.