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Reviews & Ratings

We offer a free space to write reveiws on all your experiences about a company, job, interview or institution.


Free Online Survey

Create questionnaire with simple clicks. No technical knowledge required simply create, collect & analyze.


Get Your Dream Not Just A Job

Have a dream, filter the company who have your dreams, apply for your dreams and work for your dream.


Aboutacompany provides you a free space to express your views about a company, jobs, interviews and educational institutions.

Tell What You Know And Know What You Don't Know

Read reviews to know what people think about a company and know how the company is ranked in the market.

Aboutacompany Survey Survey is a best data collection tool to gather information about everything around us. Aboutacompany provides free Survey Tool to help you gather information and analyze results to make your business better in all aspects.

Record Your Audience Mind, Don't Collect Just Data

Quick question creation
Simple and easy to create questions instantly
Smart page logic
Split pages and group your questions to make your survey more user friendly.
Custom branding
Present your survey to your audience with your logo, disclaimer and customize for your brand colours.
Set rules to validate the answer choices and filter getting irrelevant answers.
Rich user interface
Choose our templates to present your survey interface rich and user friendly for answering.
Collect responses
Choose different path to launch the survey and collect responses in many ways and get feedback instantly.
Multi-way of analysis
Results can be viewed in different ways like charts, tables, graphs, ratings etc., to analyze the responses given by your targeted audience.
Secured data transfer
SSL Certificates are included to collect responses in a secured way from your targeted audience.
Fact projection
Decisions can be taken based on the factual data in our hands, we make you smart reports to project your factual data.

Aboutacompany provides a smart way to get your dreams. Here you won't find just jobs, first you know what the company is? Get an idea about the atmosphere and process which they follow based on reviews, find the rating given for the company in the market, if it fits your passion then work for that, else just ignore the company to contact you further.

Get Your Dream Not Just A Job

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