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TCS - "TCS Kayos - Complete Mis-Management and LeaderShip Failure"
Chennai, India
Written by a ASE
Overall Rating: 1.00

There is no favourable conditions in this location because of complete failure of Leadership team

This October you’ll see a complete kayos in a location where a complete in-effective leader who has no sense of planning , have no idea what associate connect means would be implementing a change as how associate commute to office. From Oct 1st associate who commute from outside Noida would be in or planning for office for almost 16+ hrs. Due to complete in-effective planning associate would be compelled to start at 8 AM in morning for reaching office by normal office hrs. In a time where innovation, learning is the means people will keep struggling commuting. Few facts : 1. Was there any discussion with Associates in terms of taking their inputs 2. Was it just because the only basis of this decision was to show the higher management that cost saving has been done. 3. During the announcement did Mangalam had any answers. Mangalam as always is a person who is complete incompetent who communication skill is poor and have no leadership quality. His association with GE for such long time can be analyzed later on but for now he has done no discussion with associates , have not thought about any consequences for associates. You all should stand up and stand against this decision. I know atleast 15 associates who have already asked for release. Because of this person this office has been taken at such a hostile location and all associates were promised that transport facility will be given. If there is any incident in afternoon due to commuting to catch bus complete ownership goes to this man.

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