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Overall Rating 5.00  
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Country United Kingdom
City London
Sector Others
Work Life Balance 5.00
Management Efficiency 5.00
Work Environment 5.00
Office Infrastructure 5.00
Organization Structure 5.00
Human Value 5.00
Resource Usage 5.00
Team Work 5.00
Salary Package 5.00
Career Growth 5.00
Recreation Activities 5.00
Satisfactory Level 5.00
Anonymous reviews
Frilly Knickers
Written by Executive on 05-Feb-2021 20:39
Overall Rating: 5.00

Blissdreamz became the savior for me when I was not able to find frilly knickers anywhere. I urgently needed frilly knickers. My friend told me to check out Blissdreamz once and I’m glad I did! These people have a genuine collection of frilly knickers stitched using authentic fabric. After receiving two for myself, I didn’t expect the indomitable quality of the knickers. The price compliments the quality of frilly knickers at Blissdreamz. I’m one of your loyal customers now and will continue to shop for more ladies’ wear from you.


No way, These people have the genuine collection of frilly knickers stitched using authentic fabric.

French knickers
Written by Executive on 27-Oct-2020 21:26
Overall Rating: 5.00

My search for French knickers in UK ended at Blissdreamz.Com. I was madly hunting for French knickers according to my size but couldn’t find the right ones. It was a random popup advert that led me to this Mecca of Ladies’ innerwear. I was delighted to see the collection and the price, oh boy! I purchased 5 of them and they were delivered within a week. I’m so happy to have some French knickers in my wardrobe now. The garment is worth the price and soon, I will be purchasing more garments from Blissdreamz.Com.


Unfavourables - No not at all - Really quality clothes, The garment is worth the price, also it was on sale.

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