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Overall Rating 4.65  
(Based on 24 anonymous review(s))
Country Singapore
City Singapore
Sector R&D
Work Life Balance 4.54
Management Efficiency 4.67
Work Environment 4.71
Office Infrastructure 4.46
Organization Structure 4.58
Human Value 4.71
Resource Usage 4.67
Team Work 4.88
Salary Package 4.63
Career Growth 4.58
Recreation Activities 4.58
Satisfactory Level 4.83
Anonymous reviews
suitable working place
Written by Game developing on 20-Jan-2019 17:17
Overall Rating: 4.58

Are you looking for a suitable working place to develop your professional skills? My recommendation is for Gnation. It really could be the one. The only regret is that I was working here for a little time – less than a year. Of course I would like this period to be more continuous. I left Gnation due to some personal reasons.


But working here I learnt about advanced technologies, followed the peculiarities of the high class professionals’ work, met many outstanding people.

for all who look for job
Written by Game developing on 13-Jan-2019 02:10
Overall Rating: 4.25

I advise GNation for all who look for job because I’ve been working for a long time in this company. There I was facing with new challenges and earning good financial compensations. This period was lasting more than a year and I left this organization due to some personal matters.


All people working with me there were very helpful and friendly. Also I got a good compensation for extra work and different bonus fees. I was doing the non-standard tasks.

in GNation
Written by Manager on 09-Jan-2019 01:40
Overall Rating: 4.00

Let me share my opinion as for being an employee in GNation. My positive attitude to this company is explained by many things: t’m working here for more than 2 years and not gonna leave. It’s wonderful because here everyone has a lot of possibilities for my career development. In particular I’m doing interesting and original tasks here.


My daily duties are far from being routine. But I cope with them in any case. When something is too difficult my co-workers always help.

warm memories for Gnation
Written by Manager on 26-Dec-2018 05:09
Overall Rating: 4.58

Do you personally have warm memories for your past jobs? I do. It’s connected with Gnation, small but global company,. I have been a member of this team for some years. And this period was special for me because I had a great chance to develop my professional knowledge, to build my career. It goes without saying I used these possibilities.


Today I’m working in the other company but I still remember the period of being a part of this. Dammit I would like to return to those times indeed.

a perfect company for working in
Written by Game developing on 13-Dec-2018 08:46
Overall Rating: 5.00

Can I call Gnation “a perfect company for working in”? Probably I can because I was working there for some time. And I don’t consider such statement too pretentious. What does it mean first of all? Opportunities I had while working in this organization. A lot of fellows started their successful career here indeed.


Wonderful working conditions: sufficient financial compensation, excellent balance of life and work balance, friendly staff. I liked everything in this organization.


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