Friday, 23 March 2018

Wisadomleaf Technologies

Overall Rating 4.75  
(Based on 4 anonymous review(s))
Country India
City Bangalore
Sector Information Technology
Work Life Balance 5.00
Management Efficiency 5.00
Work Environment 4.00
Office Infrastructure 5.00
Organization Structure 5.00
Human Value 4.25
Resource Usage 4.75
Team Work 5.00
Salary Package 4.75
Career Growth 4.25
Recreation Activities 5.00
Satisfactory Level 5.00
Anonymous reviews
Wisdomleaf Review
Written by Senior Developer on 12-Mar-2018 18:38
Overall Rating: 4.75

It’s a wonderful company which promotes employee welfare. The remuneration is as per the industry standard. The people are good. The work is challenging and the projects are very technical. However, the organization fosters a team spirit in all its project execution. The management team believes in compensating the employees for their efforts. The working hours may be long, but they are enjoyable. It’s a continuous learning process. Change is a constant factor in the company. The opportunities within the company are unlimited. The management is well organized and focuses on the employees and their future. The environment to enhance your skill exists. A company with a difference.


No specific negative trends. The company can have a cafeteria, which would benefit the employees immensely. Diversification into other technological domains would be useful to the organization in the long run.

Wisdomleaf Review
Written by Senior Developer on 09-Mar-2018 10:46
Overall Rating: 4.75

All technical personnel aspiring to start their career must consider Wisdomleaf. It’s a fantastic organization. The job is secure and the work pressure is not too much. Everyone is given an opportunity to learn new expertise. The ambiance is very good. It is a process driven company. Project implementation is planned in advance and the project team monitors the performance at every stage. Innovation is given importance. Freshers are given guidance by the leadership team. The work-life balance is too good. A conducive environment is created for personnel to have a good career break. Onsite opportunities are an advantage. Gaining expertise in various tools helps in moving up the career ladder.


No specific negative trends. The company can have a cafeteria, which would benefit the employees immensely. Diversification into other technological domains would be useful to the organization in the long run.

Wisdomleaf Review
Written by Senior Developer on 27-Feb-2018 08:59
Overall Rating: 4.75

The organization arranges technical training sessions to enhance the expertise of its technical personnel. The policies are good and work-life balance is excellent. The infrastructure and work culture are amazing. Project execution is always on time. The company is using the latest technologies. Its a great company for beginners. The learning curve is steep. Salary hikes are as per international standard. The structured scenario with properly defined limits. The work from home opportunity is a major advantage. It’s a great place to work with skilled personnel. Product knowledge is exceptional. The onsite opportunities are many and this is a major advantage in a small company.


The management is committed to the holistic growth of its employees. Training is provided to the technical personnel to enhance their individual skills set. Another advantage the company offers is job security. The organization addresses women welfare issue. Process updates are shared among the technical team. Excellent up skilling. Any change management initiative by the technical personnel is encouraged by the management. The project personnel ensure on time delivery of services. The monetary benefits are excellent. The work pressure is not too high. Every opportunity is provide for technical development. Employee engagement is good. High performers become visible within the organization.

Wisdomleaf Reviews
Written by Senior Developer on 23-Feb-2018 06:36
Overall Rating: 4.75

Wisdomleaf has adopted an efficient management policy to out beat the competition. The data-oriented method for HR and management has played a vital role in transforming the organization’s brand image. This has resulted in expanding the diversity of its workforce.


The company should introduce some program to manage stress. The work pressure could have an impact on the health of the employees in the long run.

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