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Wisadomleaf Technologies

Overall Rating 4.83  
(Based on 10 anonymous review(s))
Country India
City Bangalore
Sector Information Technology
Work Life Balance 5.00
Management Efficiency 5.00
Work Environment 4.30
Office Infrastructure 5.00
Organization Structure 5.00
Human Value 4.70
Resource Usage 4.60
Team Work 5.00
Salary Package 4.90
Career Growth 4.70
Recreation Activities 4.80
Satisfactory Level 5.00
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Wisdomleaf Review
Written by Senior Developer on 12-Sep-2018 10:00
Overall Rating: 5.00

Successful project maintenance enables organizations to become extremely effective. It is important to have in-depth planning on the front-end. The effect of the planning on the overall project could be transformational. In this regard, Wisdomleaf is specifically monitoring the accomplishment of project milestones through regular project maintenance meetings.


For a project to be successful, effective communication is vital. At certain phases, several stakeholders may have to be briefed with specific information. Hence, Wisdomleaf must be very cautious and establish a robust groundwork to facilitate proper communication.

Wisdomleaf Review
Written by Senior Developer on 20-Aug-2018 07:51
Overall Rating: 5.00

The management of Wisdomleaf is proceeding with technology planning to promote the technical progress of a project or system to accomplish the organization’s long-term vision. This would provide guidance to the project team to use appropriate technologies to address forecasted mission requirements.


Wisdomleaf must inform the relevant stakeholders about any change management initiative to avoid any communication gap that could impact its capability to implement projects. It would be prudent to deliver a comprehensive insight on the program cost and detailed schedule to gain strong stakeholder support.

Wisdomleaf Revierw
Written by Senior Developer on 12-Jun-2018 09:10
Overall Rating: 5.00

Wisdomleaf is pursuing a policy of business synergy to ensure improved efficiency. The management is focusing on greater cross-functional coordination for product development and implementation of best practices. The compensation package also includes incentives for knowledge sharing. The organization also seeks to standardize processes & procedures to facilitate smooth operations. This would convince the existing and new clients that the company is deeply committed to long-term growth.


The management of Wisdomleaf must stay committed to the implementation of its policies. This is absolutely critical to ensure the strategy converts into action. The management must constantly identify any impediments to the implementation process and eliminate them to ensure the organization’s growth stays on track

Wisdomleaf Review
Written by Senior Developer on 23-May-2018 10:37
Overall Rating: 4.83

The management of Wisdomleaf is committed to various facets of operations management, including product design, quality management, process improvement, capacity management, and location planning to ensure improved operational efficiency and increased revenue growth.


Wisdomleaf must keep adapting to a volatile market environment to accomplish greater success and bolster its reputation. The organization must strive to deliver quantifiable and tangible business value to its clients.

Wisdomleaf Review
Written by Senior Developer on 21-May-2018 10:53
Overall Rating: 4.75

Wisdomleaf is committed to maintaining an excellent work-life balance which is a vital facet of a robust work environment. The employees are encouraged to dedicate quality time for socializing and pursuing their personal interests & hobbies, which would enable them to distress and thus prevent burnout in the workplace.


The management of Wisdomleaf must have a relook of their business model regularly to overcome the challenges of competition in a global market.


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