Monday, 15 October 2018

SpiceJet Limited

Overall Rating 4.96  
(Based on 11 anonymous review(s))
Country India
City Gurugram
Sector Others
Work Life Balance 4.91
Management Efficiency 5.00
Work Environment 5.00
Office Infrastructure 4.73
Organization Structure 5.00
Human Value 5.00
Resource Usage 4.91
Team Work 5.00
Salary Package 4.91
Career Growth 5.00
Recreation Activities 5.00
Satisfactory Level 5.00
Anonymous reviews
Spicejet first flight review
Written by Executive on 10-Jul-2018 04:33
Overall Rating: 5.00

I advise this airliner to anyone wanting to feel the perfection of flying in the sky with a lot of goodness to experience.


It is not in cybercity, the head office I believe should be there, more modern maybe.

Huge prospects for professional skills
Written by Designer on 26-Apr-2018 02:30
Overall Rating: 5.00

My experience of working with SpiceJet Limited has been quite mixed. Though there were some too challenging times I also owe credit for my success to such challenges due to which true character in e emerged and helped me identify my core strengths and tasks completion compatibility. So, all in all, it has been a rewarding working here.


Only that we should be moving soon to the new building that is slated to possess one of the industry best environment, in both terms infra and ambiance. ;)

Spicejet Review
Written by First Officer on 10-Apr-2018 04:14
Overall Rating: 5.00

Working with Spicejet has been an interesting and exciting challenge ever since I joined the company. The outstanding feature is not one or two but quite a few to jot down. Whether it is about employee-friendly policies, seniors at work, colleagues, all have given me something to add up to my professional charm.


There is again the brighter side of the mountain and on the rear as apparent is not so pretty side. But then we are expanding rapidly and growing our bases, this makes me forget all such side such as this to be construed as unfavorables here.,

Written by Ancilary Data Analyst on 06-Apr-2018 04:13
Overall Rating: 5.00

My journey since 2015 with Spicejet has been one of the greatest time of my life, so far. As there has not been even a single day that has not added more to my skills to extend my professional horizon and career in the civil aviation industry.


As far as it is about the unfavorables working at Spicejet I would not have anything different than most of us would think of despite the many positive features to be proud of working at Spicejet HQ Gurgaon.

Many favorables for career here
Written by Executive on 26-Mar-2018 05:20
Overall Rating: 5.00

I have been liking almost every aspect of working at Spicejet because not only I get more chances here to expose my self to new and challenging scopes of work which are honing my skills. I like this.


If you are you are up to finding out Knitty gory grits, you will get nothing. so, I keep my focus on growing not on negative aspects.


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