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Fabulous Media PVT LTD

Overall Rating 1.00  
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Country India
City Faridabad/Gurugram
Sector Information Technology
Work Life Balance 1.00
Management Efficiency 1.00
Work Environment 1.00
Office Infrastructure 1.00
Organization Structure 1.00
Human Value 1.00
Resource Usage 1.00
Team Work 1.00
Salary Package 1.00
Career Growth 1.00
Recreation Activities 1.00
Satisfactory Level 1.00
Anonymous reviews
Real experience of 2 Years :: Worst company ever
Written by BDE on 27-Oct-2017 02:05
Overall Rating: 1.00

There are no reasons to join Fabulous Media as they are cheaters to Clients and Employees as well


Here i am sharing my real experience of two years. Point on point Company Name: Fabulous Media/ Fab.Digital/ Fab.Institute/ Fab.Technology/ Fab.Domains/ Digital Express/ Alinkrita/ Express.Digital/ Go commercally/ Go Digital/ Nishkrant Media. In every 2-3 Month a new company get started. Salary: You will never get your salary on time, it will always get delayed by 10-15 days. Yet owner enjoy his personal life with his newly purchased Gadgets Like: Cycle-30K, Sumsung S8- 60K, Digital watch- 28K. And when we ask for salaries he said "Client is not paying to us then how we can". He will always hold your one month salary so that you can't leave the company. As off now i have more than 20 Ex/Current Employees with me who has faced these problems and did not get their salary till now. Career: I my personal opinion they never care about your dreams, As i have faced the same problem with me, They have used me as per their requirement. Every time he will show you a big dream and mould as per them. Work Environment: Working staff is very good, But the way company treats with employee is very bad. They provide complete day work in the morning and ask to do extra work mean while for 2-3 hrs and employee have to finish his own work too. Working hours are 9-6:30 PM but no one can leave before 7:30/8 PM. If anyone leave before 7PM he have to report in front of the Director in next morning. Working process: They make new process on daily basis and break/unfollow the old process due to this all the working staff faces the problem. Dreams: They shows very big dreams to each and everyone on the day of joining and after that all the dreams disappear somewhere in workload. Some example of Big Dreams: 1. One branch is going to open in Dubai, XYZ person will handle that office. Same in Australia, USA,UK etc. 2. We will go to YC, employees will get shares of company and will get 60 lakh each. 3. On our coming annual day best employee will get Car/Bike and other will get Mobile phones. Increment: Whenever you will talk about the increment, Management will add a condition with your increment and after that he will forget that condition and add new condition. If by any chance you will get increment then i will get implement after 3 months, And that will be in installments. Conditions you have to follow are: 1. You have to follow Director by hook or by Crook, otherwise you will get fire. 2. Never ask for the leave/Halfday leave you to explain even your personal problem, And you have to come on sunday but your salary will be deducted at the end of the month. 3. You have to ready to work on Sat/Sun and till 9 PM as well. 4. You have to habit yourself to listen abusing language. 5. If you make a mistake you will be treated as you get boycott from the company. 6. Senior employees guide to irritate juniors unnecessarily. Etc

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