Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Overall Rating 4.62  
(Based on 11 anonymous review(s))
Country India
City gurgaon
Sector Aerospace, Defence and Marine
Work Life Balance 4.91
Management Efficiency 4.55
Work Environment 4.64
Office Infrastructure 4.64
Organization Structure 4.55
Human Value 4.36
Resource Usage 4.73
Team Work 4.55
Salary Package 4.55
Career Growth 4.64
Recreation Activities 4.73
Satisfactory Level 4.55
Anonymous reviews
Best environment to work
Written by Social Media Exec on 17-Oct-2017 04:29
Overall Rating: 5.00

Best environment to work, Great Leadership Team, Can wear any casual outfits, Beautiful Infrastructure, Best in class Transport facilities(All AC Vehicles) ,


Everyone is encouraged to come up with new ideas to reduce defects in the process and the appreciation and visibility is excellent.

Good Opportunities
Written by Logistics on 10-Oct-2017 05:02
Overall Rating: 4.75

I would prefer to say all I that I did in past has not only helping me to shape myself professionally more effectively but also I enjoy being here every day. I feel good to be here, not like my peers in other organizations feel. I have a good feeling throughout the day.


Actually, honestly speaking before one can actually start thinking of this think about your own capabilities. we are the persons who shape our team. so I like all of it, no unfavorable!

"Quality & Authencity of product Usability or Ease to use"
Written by sales on 10-Oct-2017 03:09
Overall Rating: 5.00

I think some people could have a tough time adjusting to the culture - its tough, expectations are high and there is not always a lot of hand holding ( in fact, it would be very rare). I think you have to embrace or at least accept it and focus on the positives. Your team makes a huge difference - so hopefully you're lucky and end up with a great manager and great team mates.


If you're looking for free food and onsite massages - you certainly will be disappointed. You can end up overworked and resentful if you are not good at prioritizing your work and your life and making trade-offs.

SpiceStyle Review
Written by Mechandise on 19-Sep-2017 05:07
Overall Rating: 4.58

I like m company here my acolleagues are good. I get their support at all times, I am a new employee here and at every day I meet new challneges and with the team we take best approach to tackle any issues. Progress has been substancial when it comes to widen my professional horizon. i really feel good here.


In particular, only unfavorable thing i find is not near to Delhi. Rest things are not considerable in this regards, beacuse here is plenty of things to do and learn.

I feel good to be working here, as it not just about a few things that make me feel such nice.
Written by Marketing on 13-Sep-2017 02:54
Overall Rating: 5.00

I want to tell about the company culture is very cool, seniors would find time to listen to my ideas and partying in the city has become a usual practice here., we work hard and smartly and party with colleagues here.


This practice not only allows me to get along very nicely with my colleagues but this makes work-life balance a good level.


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