Monday, 18 October 2021

Overall Rating 4.15  
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Country United Arab Emirates
City Dubai
Sector Others
Work Life Balance 4.00
Management Efficiency 4.00
Work Environment 4.25
Office Infrastructure 4.25
Organization Structure 4.00
Human Value 4.75
Resource Usage 4.00
Team Work 4.25
Salary Package 4.25
Career Growth 4.00
Recreation Activities 4.00
Satisfactory Level 4.00
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Iscan Automotive Diagnostic Scanner
Written by Content Marketing on 06-Oct-2021 15:01
Overall Rating: 4.25

It isn’t easy to conduct car and vehicular scanning using rotten technology. Since we weren’t getting more clients, we decided to shift the technology by introducing the Iscan automotive diagnostic scanner. It is a perfect tool for finding the issues in a car’s engine & software. Since its usage, we’ve been getting more and more clients in the city. I would recommend Gulf Auto Tools as a trusted Iscan automotive diagnostic scanner supplier in UAE.


The overall experience is good. I want the company to make it excellent. Thanks a lot.

Carprog full car prog programmer
Written by Marketing on 21-Sep-2021 18:59
Overall Rating: 4.33

I upgraded from a two-wheeler to a four-wheeler. Setting up the internal configuration went over the head so my acquaintance advised me to buy a carprog, full programmer. I ordered one from Gulf Auto Tools. Using the set of instruments provided in the kit, tuning & configuring the car as per my requirement was simplified. The best part of using carprog full car programmer tool is saving time. Within a lesser time, the desired configurations were set up smoothly. I would recommend the car pro programmer tool to others as well.


I just want to see more variety of products to cater to different needs. Rest all are ok.

Diagnostic Tools
Written by Online Programmer on 20-Jul-2021 20:35
Overall Rating: 4.00

I run an automobile repair shop and have been using automotive diagnostic tools offered by Gulf Auto Tools. With their set of equipment, I’ve been successful in expanding the clientele as the diagnostic tools for cars can easily fix the problem! By using the professional car diagnostic tool, I am saving a lot of time as well.


Thank you Gulf Auto Tools for providing this magical diagnostic tool kit that has reduced the hassle of my workers.

Autoland Iscan-3
Written by Business Analyst on 05-Jul-2021 19:44
Overall Rating: 4.00

I’m a licensed Mercedes dealership owner in UAE. We often receive complaints about technical faults that cannot be resolved in different Mercedes models. Our teams, with the help of Autoland I-scan 3, keep the issue at bay. We bought a kit of autoland i-scan 3 equipment that allows smooth ECU adaptation, programming, and coding facilities. Now, the complaints have been eliminated from the box and majority of clients are delighted after acquiring our services.


They own excellent customer care service department, I personally feel very obliged to them and want some more improvement as well.

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