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Atomicka Softtech Pvt Ltd

Overall Rating 3.00  
(Based on 2 anonymous review(s))
Country India
City Chennai
Sector Technical Consultancy
Work Life Balance 3.00
Management Efficiency 3.00
Work Environment 3.00
Office Infrastructure 3.00
Organization Structure 3.00
Human Value 3.00
Resource Usage 3.00
Team Work 3.00
Salary Package 3.00
Career Growth 3.00
Recreation Activities 3.00
Satisfactory Level 3.00
Anonymous reviews
Written by . on 20-Nov-2014 03:04
Overall Rating: 5.00

very good leading IT company in India ... Atomicka is a growing Business and Technology consultancy.


Nothing for Un favourables in this company every thing is very good , Atomicka is a good growing Business and Technology consultancy.

Atomicka Softtech Pvt Ltd Worst Company
Written by Web Designer on 27-Apr-2013 01:07
Overall Rating: 1.00

No Favourables Bad Company,Worst Company,Salary was Not Given ProperlyNo Favourables Bad Company,Worst Company,Salary was Not Given Properly


Atomicka Softtech Pvt Ltd Atomicka Softtech Pvt Ltd Iam Kandan Web Designer ,I say This Company is very very Worst,Salary was Not Given to Properly ,To cheat Person,All Employess are Very sad , Company Unfavourables,Pressure on targets and . Lot of Problems To Give this Company

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