Saturday, 20 January 2018

Keyideas Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Overall Rating 4.65  
(Based on 28 anonymous review(s))
Country India
City New Delhi
Sector Information Technology
Work Life Balance 4.64
Management Efficiency 4.68
Work Environment 4.68
Office Infrastructure 4.50
Organization Structure 4.68
Human Value 4.64
Resource Usage 4.86
Team Work 4.68
Salary Package 4.64
Career Growth 4.64
Recreation Activities 4.43
Satisfactory Level 4.71
Anonymous reviews
Proud to be part of one of the best web app development company in India
Written by Web Developer on 19-Dec-2017 06:27
Overall Rating: 5.00

The experience has been great. I have worked on so many technologies and on so many projects from different domains such as education, enterprise, social networking, real estate etc.


We need to grow at a faster pace. The team has the skills and is sincere and professional.

"Learning and Earning Both"
Written by Android Developer on 27-Dec-2016 06:48
Overall Rating: 5.00

Happy to share my feedback on my current company Keyideas Infotech. They have really good projects and I have learnt a lot from all teams - .NET, PHP and iPhone Teams. The team leader and project manager guide us very well.


Their processes are better than any other company of their size. One cannot please all but they have done a good job.

Interview last Saturday for Android Developer
Written by Software Engineer on 19-Nov-2016 01:29
Overall Rating: 5.00

The interview process was extremely professional. The HR welcomed me, put me through a written test. On completion of the test, there was a tech round by two senior guys followed by a Manager and HR round. The process was fast.


I am still waiting for the results. They told me I will hear back in 1 week's time.

Good boost to my career :) Best projects to work on web and mobile
Written by IOS Developer on 05-Nov-2016 00:43
Overall Rating: 5.00

I loved my time at Keyideas. I got to learn so many things on iOS. The seniors were very helpful.


It is a good agency. Nothing unfavourable to say for them. The Team Leads are strict. But its good for the client.

Interview at Keyideas Infotech - Did not get an offer :(
Written by Android Developer on 18-Oct-2016 02:42
Overall Rating: 4.75

I liked the whole interview process. The HR spent some time initially explaining the process at Keyideas. After that it was followed by two tech rounds and one CEO round. The technical guys were knowledgeable and made me very comfortable. They were interested in knowing more about what my strengths were. The questions were on Android, Data Structures, Algorithm and Project Work.


It's been a week and I did not get hear back from them so I am not sure. I would love to work for Keyideas as I think there is so much to learn in android programming there.


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